(Cookies N’ Crepes), a leader in the food blogging space, has acquired Cho Amo ( The official acquisition date is 31st May 2023.

About Chocamo

Marrying cookies and milk in a single, delightful confection, ChocAmo cookie cups were born. Whether you’re drawn to the decadent Cookies & Milk S’moregasm Bar, the invigorating Espresso Yourself Bar, or the timeless Chocolate Chipster, our cookie cups cater to all palates, at any hour or locale. Elevate any event with ChocAmo’s versatile catering services, for our cookie cup is a sweet tableau awaiting the dessert of your imagination.

Noteworthy Appearance

The fame of ChocAmo cookie cups has spread far and wide through various channels of communication, from the Philly Voice, Mogul, and Philly Famous Podcast, to an enchanting feature on Good Morning Arizona.

In a fleeting hour, the cookies had vanished.” —Nick Nanakos, Chief Executive & co-founder at TruckBux

Excitement Frenzy

Our cookie cups aren’t just another dessert; they’re handmade crafts of confectionery art, each one individually molded by our dedicated team using only the finest ingredients to ensure they’re as unique as they’re delectable.


Good Morning Arizona hailed our cookie cups as a ‘Must-Have Gift for the Holidays’ (2017).

About Cookies N Crepes

At Cookies N Crepes, we have been providing delicious recipes for baking cookies and crepes since August 2010. All content is carefully tested and approved by experienced chefs and cooking professionals.

In 2022, we broadened our scope to include creating recipes and exploring more advanced topics, such as ingredient substitution. This new endeavor is a continuation of that effort.

Choc Amo’s Special Recipes