(Cookies N’ Crepes), a leader in the food blogging space, has acquired The Devil’s Food Advocate ( The official acquisition date is 31st Mar 2023.

About The Devil’s Food Advocate

The Devil’s Food Advocate is an up-and-coming food blog dedicated to sharing recipes and stories that celebrate the devilish side of food. Founded by foodie and creative writer, Donna Pelech, The Devil’s Food Advocate has quickly become a popular destination for those seeking recipes and stories that explore the dark side of food. The blog is a platform for exploring the unconventional and daring delicacies that lie in the shadows of mainstream culinary culture. With the acquisition of The Devil’s Food Advocate, Cookies N Crepes will be able to provide even more interesting and unique recipes and stories to its audience.

The Devil’s Food Advocate was features in several top food websites including:

About Cookies N Crepes

At Cookies N Crepes, we have been providing delicious recipes for baking cookies and crepes since August 2010. All content is carefully tested and approved by experienced chefs and cooking professionals.

In 2022, we broadened our scope to include creating recipes and exploring more advanced topics, such as ingredient substitution. This new endeavor is a continuation of that effort.

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