Amazing Pie, Mash, and Liquor dish: A classic recipe

Attention all foodies and home cooks, are you ready to experience a taste of East End London? I present to you the recipe for a propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor, just like the working-class people of London have enjoyed for generations. This traditional dish is a staple in pie mash shops all over the East End, and for good reason – it’s delicious!

At its core, this dish is a hearty beef pie made with minced beef, suet pastry, and a touch of Worcestershire sauce for that extra flavor kick. The pie is then served alongside creamy mashed potatoes and topped with a parsley liquor sauce made from fresh parsley and vinegar.

It’s hard to describe how delectable this meal is until you’ve tried it for yourself. Trust me when I say that one bite of this proper homemade beef pie mash will transport you straight to the streets of East London.

So why not take your taste buds on an adventure with this recipe? Whether you’re looking to recreate a slice of East End nostalgia or simply want to try something new, follow along as we guide you through the steps. Get ready for a meal that looks and tastes like the real deal!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour
Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour

If you’re a fan of traditional and hearty working-class food, you are in for a treat! This Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor Recipe is the perfect comfort food to indulge in after a long day.

But why would you love this recipe so much? Firstly, let’s talk about the main ingredients. This dish includes minced beef, mashed potatoes, suet pastry, and of course, the essential liquor sauce made from parsley. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to give you the ultimate experience of an authentic East End London pie mash.

Secondly, this recipe looks and tastes like the real deal. It closely resembles the popular East End dish that has been enjoyed by generations of working-class families. You’ll feel like you’re eating at one of the famous pie and mash shops in London with every bite!

Thirdly, this recipe offers wholesome goodness that will leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy. The beef mince provides protein while the mashed potato gives you a good source of carbohydrates. The fresh parsley also offers loads of antioxidants and vitamins.

Finally, this recipe is easy to make and doesn’t require any fancy equipment or techniques. All you need are common ingredients found in your local grocery store, such as premade puff pastry, self-raising flour, cornflour, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and water.

In summary, if you want to experience the taste of an authentic East End London pie mash without leaving your own kitchen, this Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor Recipe is for you! It’s comforting, delicious and wholesome – everything that makes a proper pie mash great!

Ingredient List

 Picture perfect pie crust ready to bake.
Picture perfect pie crust ready to bake.

To make this proper Eastend pie, mash and liquor recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • Beef mince: 500g
  • Potatoes: 4 medium-sized potatoes
  • Premade puff pastry
  • Beef suet: 50g
  • Self-raising flour: 100g
  • Cornflour: 1 tablespoon
  • Water: 1 liter
  • Vinegar: a splash
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Fresh parsley leaves, chopped

You can easily find these ingredients in any grocery store. It’s important to use fresh parsley leaves as they add a unique aroma and flavor to the dish. You can also substitute beef mince with minced lamb or chicken for a different flavor profile.

The Recipe How-To

 Preparing a batch of creamy mashed potatoes.
Preparing a batch of creamy mashed potatoes.

Get ready, this recipe is about to get real!

Now that we have all of our ingredients and tools, it’s time to get into the exciting part: making the propah Eastend pie, mash and liquor!

Step 1: Making the Filling

  • In a large frying pan or wok, brown 500 g beef mince over medium heat.
  • Remove excess fat.
  • Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce for extra flavour.
  • Add some freshly chopped parsley to give it a fresh taste.
  • Leave it cooking for ~15 minutes until it’s well done.

Step 2: Preparing the Pastry and Mash

  • Roll out your premade puff pastry and cut it into two equal pieces.
  • Place one piece in a greased baking dish.
  • Spread your cooked beef over the pastry.
  • Roll out the other piece into a circle that will cover the top of the dish. Place on top of beef filling.
  • Brush lightly with milk and make small slits on top using a sharp knife.
  • Cook in oven on 200 deg C for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

In the meantime, let’s prepare the perfect mashed potatoes:
– Peel and chop 4 large potatoes, place them in a pot with cold water and boil until tender (about 15 minutes).
– Drain well, add in some beef suet (optional), and mash with a potato masher.
– Add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 3: Making the Liquor

And last but not least, let’s create the delectable liquor!
– Pour 750 ml hot water in a large pot.
– Mix 2 tbsp cornflour with 2 tbsp cold water; stir until smooth consistency reached, and then pour mixture into pot with hot water to prevent lumps from forming.
– Add seasoning: salt, pepper, parsley or even vinegar for tang.

Bring the mixture to boil, stirring constantly until it thickens to desired consistency. Once done, remove from heat.

Putting it All Together

Once everything is ready:
1. Scoop out mashed potatoes onto plate
2. Use spoon to create crater pit scoops additional gravy sauce into crater
3. Use spatula or spoon to carefully serve portion of beef pie out of baking dish
4. Pour remaining gravy atop beef pie

And voila! You have now created your very own proper Eastend pie n’ mash meal – making you feel like you are transported straight to an old-school end pie ‘n’ mash shop!

Substitutions and Variations

 Mixing the savory meat filling with onions and spices.
Mixing the savory meat filling with onions and spices.

If you’re looking to switch things up with this traditional East End recipe, here are a few substitutions and variations that will add some variety to your meal:

– Vegetarian Option: For a meat-free version, replace the beef with mushrooms or lentils. You can also use vegetable stock instead of beef stock in the liquor recipe.

– Gluten-Free Option: Swap the self-raising flour for gluten-free flour and use gluten-free puff pastry instead of premade puff pastry.

– Parsley Liquor Variation: Want to add some extra flavor? Try making a parsley liquor instead of the traditional mash liquor. Simply whisk together chopped fresh parsley, vinegar, cornflour, and water and heat over medium heat until thickened.

– Cheese Topping Variation: For a cheesy twist, sprinkle grated cheese on top of the mashed potatoes before baking.

– Sweet Potato Mash Variation: If you’re looking to mix things up with the mash, replace some or all of the potatoes with sweet potatoes for a slightly sweeter taste.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out different variations of this delicious East End pie and mash recipe!

Serving and Pairing

 A warm slice of Eastend pie, mash, and liquor.
A warm slice of Eastend pie, mash, and liquor.

Now that you have cooked up this delightful Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour Recipe, it’s time to serve it up! This traditional recipe is best enjoyed hot and fresh out of the oven, alongside a steaming pile of fluffy mashed potatoes and a drizzle of the famous parsley liquor.

To pair this dish, I would recommend sticking to the classic British flavors. A cold pint of ale or stout would complement the hearty flavors of the minced beef and suet pastry perfectly. Alternatively, a glass of red wine would also go nicely with the rich, meaty flavors.

For vegetables, I would suggest serving some peas or green beans on the side. These simple vegetable dishes will provide a nice contrast to the savory beef pie and creamy mash.

In terms of presentation, you can’t beat a classic pie dish. However, feel free to get creative with your plating! You could try serving the pie in individual ramekins for a fun twist.

And there you have it – a delicious and authentic Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour Recipe that is sure to impress. Serve with confidence and enjoy!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Serving up the ultimate comfort food dish.
Serving up the ultimate comfort food dish.

As with most meat pies, this Proper Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour can be made ahead of time, stored in the fridge, and reheated when you’re ready to eat. This makes it a perfect option for busy weeknights or a hearty weekend meal without the stress of preparing it all at once.

To make-ahead, simply complete the recipe as directed, let it cool completely before covering tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and storing in the refrigerator for up to three days.

When ready to reheat, preheat your oven to 350°F (177°C) and remove the pie from the fridge. Remove the plastic wrap or foil and cover with new foil. Place the pie on a baking sheet and heat it in the oven for about 20 minutes or until heated through.

Alternatively, if you want to speed things up or don’t have access to an oven, you can reheat individual portions of the pie in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes on high power until heated through.

However, it’s important to note that reheating meat pies can be tricky. For best results, make sure you fully cook the pie crust before filling it with the beef mixture. And never leave partially cooked pies out at room temperature as it can create an environment where bacteria can grow. Always store them immediately in the refrigerator and reheat thoroughly before eating.

With careful planning and a few extra steps, you can enjoy your Proper Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour all week long without sacrificing any flavor or quality.

Tips for Perfect Results

 Slicing through the flaky crust to reveal the juicy filling.
Slicing through the flaky crust to reveal the juicy filling.

To ensure that your Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour Recipe turns out perfectly every time, follow these simple tips:

Firstly, when making the homemade pie crust, make sure to use cold beef suet and water. The cold ingredients helps keep the pastry flaky and light. It’s also important to roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface with a rolling pin that has been dusted with flour.

Secondly, don’t skimp on the mashed potato! Use high quality potatoes like King Edward or Maris Piper and mash them until they are smooth and creamy. For an even smoother texture, push your mashed potatoes through a sieve.

Thirdly, when making the parsley sauce for the liquor, be sure to finely chop the fresh parsley so that it fully infuses into the sauce. You can also add a splash of vinegar to give it a tangy kick.

Fourthly, be careful not to overwork the beef mince when cooking it. Overworking the meat can make it tough and dry. Simply cook it until browned on the outside and then let it simmer in the gravy until tender.

Fifthly, try not to overfill your pie dish as this can lead to a soggy bottom. Fill it about ¾ of the way full to ensure that everything cooks evenly.

Lastly, be patient when letting your pie cool before slicing into it. Allowing it to cool slightly will help prevent any filling from spilling out and ruining your presentation. Serve with plenty of mashed potato and liquor sauce for a delicious traditional East End meal!


As we near the end of this recipe article, let’s take some time to address some frequently asked questions that may arise while cooking Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with tips on substitutions, serving suggestions, and storage options. Keep reading and enjoy the deliciousness of this traditional working-class meal.

What is the liquor they put on pie and mash in London?

When it comes to making a delicious sauce, there’s one key ingredient that often goes unnoticed: eel liquor. The recipe we’ll be exploring today is a classic one that shares a cultural and culinary heritage with other traditional dishes like Jellied Eels and eel pies. While these foods may not be as popular as they once were, they still hold an important place in the culinary world. So, let’s get started and learn how to make a delectable sauce using eel liquor!

What is the liquor you get with pie and mash?

Parsley liquor, a sauce used in many dishes, was originally made by using the water left over from preparing stewed eels. However, nowadays, many shops have chosen to omit this ingredient from their recipe.

Does pie mash and liquor have alcohol?

The dish I’m going to guide you through involves filling pastry with minced beef and baking it to perfection. Traditionally, the ingredients included leftover scraps of meat and veggies. It is served with mashed potatoes and is accompanied by a thin green sauce known as liquor, which is made of parsley but contains no alcohol.

What do cockneys have with pie and mash?

Pie and mash is a popular meal among the working class folk. The traditional recipe consisted of a pie filled with eels, mashed potatoes and a parsley sauce called liquor. Eels were commonly used as they were one of the few affordable fish that could survive in the polluted river Thames, where workers lived and worked. The dish has since evolved, but remains a flavorful and hearty meal enjoyed by many.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a comforting and satisfying dish, look no further than Proper Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor. With fresh ingredients and a rich history in working-class London, this meal is a true crowd-pleaser. Not only is it easy to make using readily available ingredients like beef mince and premade puff pastry, but it’s also versatile enough to be customized to your liking.

Whether you’re a fan of minced beef or mashed potatoes, this recipe has something for everyone. And with the addition of parsley sauce and beef suet, you’ll experience flavors that truly capture the essence of Eastend London.

So what are you waiting for? Give this traditional pie n’ mash recipe a try today and see why it’s been such a popular dish amongst Londoners for generations. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon be able to recreate your own version of the iconic pie n’ mash shops found throughout Eastend London.

Remember, good food doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With this recipe’s simple steps and affordable ingredients, you can enjoy a Proper Eastend Pie, Mash and Liquor anytime you’d like. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking up some deliciousness today!

Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour

Propah Eastend Pie, Mash and Licqour Recipe

I'm an Essex girl by birth and an Eastender by heritage, so pie mash and licquor was a childhood treat. You can imagine my horror upon moving to Kent to find that no one outside of London has even heard of the dish, let alone tasted it. So I languished for years without. Sure, I could just get a meat pie and somemash, but normal meat pies are not the same, and the licqour is just impossible. Fortunately, through much experimenting my Mum and I now have a suitable substitute that tastes as good (or bad!) as the real thing!
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: British
Keyword: < 60 Mins, European, Meat, Savory Pies
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Calories: 1914.4kcal


  • 1 white onion
  • 500 g beef mince
  • 50 ml beef stock
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 340 g self raising flour
  • 225 g beef suet
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • 1 (425 g) packet premade puff pastry (I got lazy here)
  • 2 pints fish stock
  • 2/3 pint vegetable stock
  • 30 g chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 lb potato
  • cornflour
  • salt and pepper
  • chilli vinegar
  • 1 (250 g) packet dried marrowfat peas


  • To make the suet pastry base for the pies, combine the flour, suet and water with a pinch of salt, adding more water if needed, to form a rollable dough.
  • Roll the suet pastry very thin, approximately 2mm at most, and line buttered foil pie cases with it.
  • Finely chop the onion and brown, then add the beef mince. Cook until the beef is browned and add the beef stock, worcester sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 20 min on a medium heat, then drain excess juice and add a little cornflour to absorb the rest.
  • Meanwhile, peel, quarter and boil the potatoes.
  • Roll out the puff pastry (shortcrust is also acceptable) until almost as thin as the pastry bases and cut tops for each pie.
  • Spoon the beef mixture evenly amongst the pies, then apply the tops to the pie using a little water to moisten the edges for pinching.
  • Add about an inch of water to a roasting tray and put in the oven on a high heat. Sit the foil pie dishes in the water to steam cook the pies.
  • While the pies are cooking, combine the fish and vegetable stock in a pot with the parsley and a pinch of salt. Cook on a medium heat to a rolling boil. Add cornflour gradually until the sauce becomes thick and slightly translucent.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked to a soft, fluffy consistency drain them and mash without butter to produce a dry mash.
  • Prepare the dried peas according to packet instructions.
  • Once pies are brown on top, upturn them on a plate and serve upside-down, with a side of mash and mushy peas. Pour over with the licqour and chilli vinegar. The vinegar is essential for the licqour to taste right, but should be added separately. Lush!

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Serving: 804g | Calories: 1914.4kcal | Carbohydrates: 152.4g | Protein: 49.2g | Fat: 121.6g | Saturated Fat: 50g | Cholesterol: 129.4mg | Sodium: 802.5mg | Fiber: 7.7g | Sugar: 3.5g

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